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Become an Affiliate – Whats it all about?

What is an Affiliate/Associate Scheme?

Simply put, affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online business or website pays a commission on sales generated by the efforts of the individual or organisation.

We have created an affiliate scheme that is open and inclusive and is available to individual, the community group, charity, artist or anyone that would like to generate extra income by introducing new customers to BodaBright.

How it works.

For the individual:

Who loves our designs and who would like a earn a little bit of extra money, you can sign up to become an affilaite, you will have your own login and dashboard area.

From the dashborad you are able to create your own custom links, these can be for the whole of our website or even a specific category of interest, you decide. You would then share these links into your social media community, anyone who clicks on the links will be able to vist our website and if a purchase is made, then that sale can be directly attributed to you.

You will have visiblity via your dashboard of who has bought from us and what commision is now due to you, you become a big part of out small boutigue business and can even gain discounts on your own purchases.

For The Charity:

When we set out to start BodaBright we wanted to make sure that we could as inclusive and diverse as possible as possible.

With so many amazing charities, the traditional model for supporting charites seemed to be a bit limiting to us for our vision of being inclusive, most companies would nominate either one ot two charities to support, with our Charity Scheme we can be as open to as many that would like to work with us.

With our associate scheme, we take the hassle away from Charities having to hold stock of branded t-shirts or other apparel, having to pre purchase things in advance and hope they sell them to make their money to support the charity.

With our model, the charity would have there own login and dashboard, we would create their own category space on our website where we would put their branded designed clothing, they woudnt need to hold stock or worry about the fulfillment and delivery. They have their own dedicated links that they can share to their followers and promote through social channels, any sales can then can be atttributed to them and a commision is paid direct to that charity with full visability of sales and money due via there own dashboard.

The same opportunity is available for community groups. artists, any one that may want to put there own designs on T-shirts but who dont want to hold stock or build a shipping and fulfilment process.

To sign up and find out more, just complete our form and we will be in touch (sykpe id not needed unless you want to add it.

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